Patsy's Page


Welcome to my page. This is a dream-come-true for me. I have always had a passion for writing and always wanted to be a "published writer". Little did I know it would first be in a hog hunting magazine and then on a hog hunting website. I have also always wanted to witness for Jesus and help others with their spiritual walk. God knows the desires of our hearts and gives them to us - often in ways we least expect.

If you have ever read a copy of Wild Boar USA magazine, chances are you may have read one of my articles. This is the kind of "stuff" you will find here - truths from the Bible to encourage you. Don't get me wrong - this speaks to me as well. In fact many times what I write about is something I am dealing with in my own walk. We never get too old to learn. Sometimes we have to go around a mountain more than once for God to get His point across to us!

Some of these articles are reprints from the magazine and then there are fresh ones. If you enjoy this page - check back often to see what has been added. I appreciate all the kind words from readers of my past articles.