Building a Homemade Scent Dispenser


Building a Homemade Scent Dispenser
by Cody Weiser

Scent attractants are quickly becoming some of the most popular and successful methods for bringing in big boars. The one down-side to using scent is that it is very susceptible to the elements such as rain and sun. The liquid scent can easily be evaporated or washed away before it has time to do its job correctly.

With the aid of an easy-to-build scent dispenser, your wild boar attractant can be kept protected and only “dispensed” when the hogs are actively messing with the canister. Here’s how to make one and how it works.

Go down to your local hardware store and buy the following: 1 foot piece of 4” schedule 40 PVC pipe, 1 cleanout cap with screw in top, 1 eye bolt with 2 nuts and 2 washers, cable or heavy rope, and PVC glue. You will need a drill, 1/8” drill bit, a wire brush, and some other basic tools depending on how you choose to finish your dispenser.


First, clean the edges around each end of the PVC pipe and glue the solid cap to one end. Next, flip the pipe over and glue the clean-out to the other end of the pipe.

Once this is done, set this to the side and allow it to dry. Take the cap from the clean-out and find a drill bit just larger that the diameter of the eye bolt that you have.

Drill a hole directly in the center of the cap so the eye bolt can be inserted and bolted down snug.

Once this is done you are ready to attach either rope or cable to the eye bolt. This will allow it to hang from a tree limb once baited and 

set. Now all that is left to do is drill your holes.

A 4” piece of PVC has a 14”circumference so you can evenly drill 7 holes spaced every 2” around the pipe (I use the same 1/8” d

rill bit that I use for the eye bolt hole). If you measure exactly 5” down from the top of the dispenser, it will hold 2 quarts of scent attractant before it begins to come out of the holes. I rough up the PVC beneath the holes with a wire brush so the scratches will hold the scent. An angle grinder with a wire wheel attachment works best.


Here is how and why the dispenser works. The dispenser opens from the top and allows you to pour the scent inside. Made in this m

anner, the dispenser will hold exactly 2 quarts of Black Gold wild boar attractant. It also works great with other scents such as 

Wild Boar Matrix or Acorn Scent. To stretch these scents into two quart quantities, you can mix both Matrix and Acorn Scent with a light mineral oil (I was told this by the owner of “In Heat Scents”). You can also put a few cups of corn in the pipe, pour in some water, let it sit and ferment, creating your own soured corn scent.

Once the dispenser is hanging (about 18” off the ground) from a tree limb, the scent will slowly escape from the holes drilled in the PVC pipe. Once hogs find the pipe, they will rub and bite on the PVC causing it to move. This will cause the liquid inside to slosh around and leak through the holes. The lower the liquid level becomes inside the canister the more the hogs will have to knock it around to get fresh scent. Emptying the d

ispenser of scent is a long process which, in no way, will be effected by the rain or blazing sun. A large group of hogs will not be able to devastate a scent station in one night and then move on. It will take days to empty the dispenser – you should be able to take care of business and get a few of them into your cooler!

The scent dispenser is just a simple device that can give you an extra edge when chasing after those hogs. They are simple to make and

 a great project to do with your kids. Put a couple out and see the difference it makes in how long your scent lasts.

This article was originally published in the Jan/Feb 2007 Wild Boar USA Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2.

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