Our Gear

All of our gear has been designed through experience and input from our pro-staff and other great hunters making it the best gear available.  We continually strive to improve our product line by listening to you, our customers.  Your feedback is always taken into consideration and often results in us upgrading or changing an item because of those comments.  Lots of time and effort are put into making quality hog dog cut gear as well as carrying other superior merchandise.


We offer quality collars in widths ranging from 3/4" to 4 inch cut collars in sizes for extra small necks to the biggest of neck sizes.  These collars are made for puppies, pets, and of course, hunting dogs.

First Aid/Dog Care

We offer a wide variety of first aid and dog care items to keep your dogs healthy and safe.


As a dealer for all Garmin products we can provide you with the latest in dog tracking and training technology.

Hunting Supplies

We have everything you need for a successful hunt: knives, hog attractants, hog hobbles, break sticks, leads, couplers, flashlights, feeder lights, and much more!


We offer a wide variety of vests for all your boar hunting needs.  They range from minimal to extreme protection.  The list includes bay vests, boar bibs, cropped vests, to full length catch vests, as well as tiny vests for terriers.  Each vest is unique for its purpose and materials used in its construction to satisfy all your hunting styles.  Each vest is designed with the safety of your hunting dogs in mind.  We use these vests on our own dogs and are proud to say they are all made in the USA.


We offer high quality T-shirts with original designs as well as one-of-a-kind boar jewelry, belt buckles, and caps.


We have looked far and wide to find knives that offer the best possible performance at reasonable prices.  Our choices are based on blade thickness and construction, handle, and overall durability.  These rugged knives are capable of quickly killing the largest of boars and doing so time and time again.  They can be worked hard, put up wet, and still perform flawlessly the next time out.