Defeat the Darkness

Defeat the Darkness By: Cody Weiser

We all know that the prime time for bagging that next trophy boar is in those last few minutes before complete darkness just as the shadows are all becoming one. These brief moments of opportunity are quickly gone and unless you're equipped to defeat the darkness you must pack your bags and go home empty handed. That scenario plagues the majority of boar hunters and it is truly a shame knowing that big boars usually turn 100% nocturnal when they mature. With advances in illumination technology, boar hunters can also transform into creatures of the night and multiply their chances of coming face to face with a hard-core trophy wild boar.

I have two separate lighting systems that I like to combine to create the optimum boar hunting situation. I call these "Big Red" and "Little Red!" Let's look at each one separately:

"Big Red" is what I call my TEXASBOARS feeder-light system. I have used multiple LED lighting devices that were suppose to be designed for hog hunting, but nothing even comes close to putting out the same amount of light as a TEXASBOARS feeder-light. Older systems would light up an eight to ten foot area, but the TEXASBOARS system easily illuminates 1/4 acre. TEXASBOARS use only "Luxeon Star" LED's, which are capable of producing a blinding amount of light for an LED. I prefer the model that is equipped with red lighting (they come in white, red, green, and blue light models) because I prefer red for both hogs and predators. Installing this lighting system near a food supply, hog highway, or water hole allows you to clearly observe a large area and easily identify your target.

"Little Red" is the name of my Crimson Trace lasergrips. The use of lasergrips under a TEXASBOARS light is like biscuits and gravy...'they just go great together! Even with ground lighting I was struggling with seeing my front sights on both my pistol and AR-15. I would have to delay and even pass-up prime shot opportunities because I wasn't sure of my shot and didn't want to take the chance of wounding the animal or missing completely. With the addition of the Crimson Trace lasergrips, I don't have to even think. I just put the red dot where I want it to hit and squeeze the trigger. I can focus all my attention on the boar which equals a much steadier and faster shot. It's literally like putting bumper tubes in at the bowling alley...'you have to try to miss. Crimson Trace makes models to fit many popular hunting handguns and also has different options for the AR-15 as well.

With "Big Red" and "Little Red" teamed together, the ball is back in your court, and your window of opportunity can transform from just a few minutes to the entire night! Nocturnal boars can no longer hide behind the darkness of the night. Both lighting systems are great additions to your wild boar tool box, and once you use them you will not want to hunt without either of TEXASBOARS feederlights or Crimson Trace's lasergrips.

Check all game laws before using feederlights or lasergrips. TEXASBOARS feederlights = Crimson Trace lasergrips =