Utilizing Box Blinds

Utilizing Box Blinds By: Cody Weiser

If you are looking for a wild boar hunting experience that is both successful and comfortable, then utilizing a box blind needs to be a top priority. I love the thrill of the stalk. Don't get me wrong, but it is nice on some days to just sit back in comfort and watch nature come to you. Box blinds allow the hunter to be hidden from view and can provide great shot opportunities on wild hogs.

The benefits to having a box blind as a hunting option in your arsenal are many. They give a high level of security and comfort to first time hunter such as children or hunters that cannot maneuver easily as with some disabled or elderly. This is a great tool to allow these people to continue their quest for a giant boar regardless of their physical limitations. Box blinds eliminate dangerous face-to-face situations that a hunter can encounter while on the ground. In a blind the hunter is both safe from the wildlife and from the elements which allows hunting opportunities to exist comfortably in the rain or snow.

Box blinds can also be a valued starting point to teach children the basics of hunting such as movement control, noise elimination, and awareness of surroundings. Box blinds that are set up for two or more people can turn a solo hunting trip into an excursion for the whole family to take part in. Some of my earliest memories of hunting are cold November mornings in a large 8'X8' box blind that my dad built in his welding shop. This particular stand's floor was 12 foot off the ground and looked like a sky scraper to me. The size and design allowed my dad, mom, brother and me to enjoy hunting together, and it became a classroom for our parents to teach us basic hunting knowledge.

Box blinds, if properly designed, can muffle noise, reduce smell, and camouflage a hunter. They are also great stations for photographing and videotaping undisturbed wildlife. The following are a few tips to help boar hunters design or customize a box blind for optimum performance.

The most beneficial thing you can do to a box blind is get it off the ground. I prefer my floor height to be between 4 and 5 feet off the ground. This helps with scent and noise that is picked up by hogs. I build my stand bases out of steel and put them on skids so they are easily moved.

The next thing that should be done is to cover the stand floor with thick carpet. This is not so you can hunt with your boots off but is a great way to reduce sound. I have hunted in stands without carpet, and all it takes is one dropped rifle cartridge to scare off every animal in a mile radius. Carpet stores usually have small leftovers they will sell dirt cheap that work perfectly.

Chair selection is also important when building or customizing a box stand. In south Texas it is extremely rare for the temperature to remain at or below freezing during the day. When this does happen the wild hogs go crazy and move constantly throughout the day. The ability to sit in the stand for the entire day can produce multiple hog sightings. A comfortable chair is a must to make a 12 hour sit bearable. In my box blind I have installed a customized bucket seat that I obtained from a scrap yard. I welded a pipe base on the bottom of the seat so it can swivel 360 degrees. This allows for every available shot option. I must warn you about choosing a chair with a recline option. It has caused me to loose consciousness on more than one occasion!

I prefer box blinds that are equipped with windows on all four sides. I have hunted blinds with solid walls and the inability to see what was beyond the wall drove me nuts. Stands that limit shot direction are smart and easy ways to regulate the direction hunters shoot in situations where there might be a cross fire possibility.

Implementing box blinds will provide you with an option of comfort and security. This will allow you to broaden your client base if you are a ranch that sells hunts, or give you, as a hunter, a place to relax and let the boars come to you. Either way, you will never regret the investment. There are multiple manufacturers of box blinds, or you can head to the shop and create your own. The possibilities are endless.