What Is In Our Future?

WHAT IS IN OUR FUTURE?  By: Patsy Weiser

            We are living in a very unsettled and unpredictable time.  So many things that we have taken for granted are being challenged….values, morals, freedoms, etc.  It is to the point that nothing we hear on the news is surprising anymore. 

            What is happening to our country?  Who is behind all of this chaos and confusion?  Well, whether you believe it or not, we have a very real enemy.  His name is Satan aka the devil.  He is the author of confusion and his purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy.  Right now the USA is his target.

            So should we be scared and in a state of panic?  Absolutely, not!  Jesus said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”  He sees and knows what is going on.  Instead this is a time for Christians to stand up, unite and move forward in spiritual warfare. 

            Prayer is the greatest weapon we have.  It is a powerful supernatural force that is not restricted by time or distance and actually brings us into the presence of God.  We should be praying for our leaders – for their safety and protection and for them to make wise choices and decisions for our country.  We should also pray that the opposing forces be hindered. 

            This is a time for Christians to be bold….stand up for what is right and let your voice be heard.  Elect godly men and women to hold positions in all forms of governing bodies from school boards, city councils, all the way up to president. 

            No matter what is happening or happens in the future, God is still on His throne and in control.  That should encourage us to keep on walking in faith and putting our trust in His promises.  Christians have read the last chapter and we all know how the story ends!  Amen!