A Lesson Learned from a Golf Ball


One summer while I was on break from teaching, I learned a very valuable lesson in trusting God for my provision. Our family was in a financial crunch, and I was really working on my faith to trust and believe that God would provide for our needs. Some days I would do better and other days my faith would waiver.

Every morning I would get up before the Texas heat set in and go for a walk in the park. My walk would take me around the local golf course. One day I noticed a golf ball lying in the grass as I walked along. I stooped down to pick it up, and I felt these words come to me, “Trust Me for your provision.” Every day from that day on as I went for my walk I would find another golf ball that the golfers had lost. I would repeat those words, “Trust Me for your provision.” My faith was growing! I became excited and determined each day that before I returned home, I would find a golf ball. Some days the balls would be easy to find in open view, other days they would be somewhat hidden and required more effort on my part. After some time went by, I was no longer satisfied with finding only one golf ball. I decided I would search until I found two or more. It did not happen. I was questioning God about the matter. Then I was reminded of the story about the Israelites in the wilderness when they gathered the manna God showered on the ground for them to eat. They were instructed not to take more than what they could use that day. I felt like God was showing me to take each day, one at a time, and trust Him for my provision one day at a time. We made it through the summer just fine, and all our needs were met. Maybe not the way we expected or wanted but never-the-less they were met and we survived.

God promised that He would never leave us nor forsake us. Every promise He made in the Bible, we can count on. He desires our faith in those promises. This is a lesson that has stuck with me from that summer forward. Often when I see a golf ball, I am reminded to trust God for my provision - not only for financial needs but for ALL my needs. You can trust Him, too!