To Hunt or Not To Hunt?

TO HUNT OR NOT TO HUNT? By: Patsy Weiser 

Have you ever been told that you should not kill animals or eat meat?

Well, those of us who live our lives based on the word of God found in the Bible know that God created the animals for our purpose.

In Genesis 1:25-28 God created all the animals and told mankind to have complete authority and dominion over them. Then later in Genesis 9: 2 & 3 God told Noah, after the flood, that all animals are delivered into his hand and that every moving thing that lives shall be food for mankind.

God said it, and that settles it. Therefore we can, with a clear conscience, go hunt, kill, cook, and enjoy the wild game that God created for our benefit. Praise God for that!
(Bible verses taken from the Amplified Bible)

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First published in Wild Boar USA magazine
Mar/Apr 2007 Volume 1 Issue 3