Are You Enjoying Life?


Do you feel the same way I do sometimes, that you are living life in a whirlwind of busyness? Most people you talk to these days are so busy that they are not enjoying their lives very much. That is a shame since Jesus tells us in John 10:10 (Amp) “…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”

I know that the current world we live in has gotten much more taxing on our time than in days gone by. Jobs, schools, families, extra curricular activities, etc. put demands on us and often make us feel as if we don’t even have a say about our own lives. That is true to a point. But at the same time, we often create more chaos and stress by committing to things before we actually count the cost of the commitment. We must honestly evaluate and prioritize our responsibilities and choices as much as possible. I know that is not ever a simple thing to do. So how can we move into that realm that Jesus said He provided for us?

Here is a list of things that I believe will help us begin to enjoy everyday living.

Simplify and unclutter our lives – often less is more
Slow down – focus on one day at a time
Don’t worry – pray, then let go and let God
Find something good in every situation – be positive
Get organized
Live within our budgets
Go to bed on time so we can get up on time
Laugh more (especially at our own mistakes – we are way too serious)
Love more – overlook the faults of others (we have plenty of our own)
Do at least one kind deed for someone each day
Take time each day to do something for ourselves
Learn to say “no” (when it will compromise our priorities)
Delegate tasks (believe it or not - others are capable also)
Count our blessings before going to bed each night (often the little things we overlook are the greatest)

I know this is an idealistic list and might even seem overwhelming. However, just desiring to change and start enjoying life is a great beginning. We can move forward by setting small goals each day. I like the saying, “It is impossible to swallow an elephant, but it can be eaten one bite at a time.” Remembering to keep God at the center of our lives is important, and nothing is ever impossible with Him. Before we know it, we can actually be enjoying life and having it in abundance.