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Product Overview

This vest is the ideal vest for hunters that want protection but want something light and cool.  The cropped length of our Tank Top vest makes it the perfect vest for hot weather hunting.  There is one layer of para-aramid fabric throughout the vest with another layer in the chest and shoulder areas.  The para-aramid fabric is sandwiched between two other layers of fabric. There are two 3/4" black PVC coated straps that secure the vest over the neck area.   These straps are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. One soft nylon strap goes across the back and all the way around the barrel. All buckles are nickel plated. Reflective strips on both sides. Vest available in green color only.  Other colors available as custom orders. (NOTE:  The orange and black cut collar in the picture that is attached to the lead is not part of the vest or included in the price.)  Please refer to the vest size chart on the FAQs page on our storefront. Remember these measurements are approximates and may vary depending on the breed or shape of your dog.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review