Kill Light® OUTFITTER-R with Remote Control (green)

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Product Overview

Get ready to meet your new favorite light! The Kill Light® OUTFITTER has been the choice of serious nocturnal hog hunters for the past three years! Its' unmatched illumination has lead to the demise of hogs from South Texas to Sweden. The only thing missing, a remote! With the NEW Kill Light® Outfitter with Remote Control, you have the power of light at your fingertips. No more waiting for an animal to trip the motion sensor. With the push of a button, your OUTFITTER slowly brightens to full power. So gradual it's almost unnoticeable, keeping wary game from being spooked by a flash of bright light. Once at full power, your OUTFITTER will stay illuminated for up to 30 minutes. If hogs stop moving or get too far away, your light will stay bright. When the action dies down, a simple push of the OFF button takes your light back down to standby power or completely turns the light off depending on what mode you have selected. The NEW Kill Light® OUTFITTER with Remote Control has all the same features as our original OUTFITTER ( 5 brightness modes, built in solar panel, rechargeable battery pack and auxiliary power port), but the added remote feature is a true game changer. 


    • 300+ yard remote control with battery included
    • 5 user selectable operational modes
    • Anti-Spook Technology slowly increase light intensity
    • Up to 30 minute intervals of full power activation via remote 
    • Built in rechargeable lithium power pack
    • 5 watt glass solar panel built in
    • Auxillary power port for external battery connection
    • 12 volt power via external connection
    • 13 ft. auxillary power cable included
    • Available in your choice of green or red
    •  1 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review