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GAMEKEEPER REMOTE GATE TRIGGER (GK1) for remote control trapping


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The primary purpose of the GK1 Remote Trigger is feral hog abatement by high volume trapping. It is a simple, universal trigger device that uses a wireless link to activate a mechanical mechanism. Despite simplicity, the GK1 has proven to be extremely effective in multiple trapping scenarios. Why is this you ask? It’s simple. The GK1 employs HUMAN INTELLIGENCE; providing the USER with the CHOICE on WHEN the trap is sprung.

Remote control trapping begins with fencing and a gate.  Then just add a GameKeeper gate trigger and a camera.  You will need:

1.  Pen - From a simple 4′ x 8′ cage to a large fenced in area.  The size depends on how many friends you need to be able to gather in one place.

2.  Gate - The gate needs to be large enough to let your friends in…and once in, the gate needs to be strong enough to keep them in when it closes. (may be purchased from Wild Boar USA - contact us)

3.  Camera - The camera allows you to view the pen remotely.  It lets you know how many of your friends have gotten together to feed at the same time. (available for purchase from this website)

4.  Gate trigger - The GameKeeper Gate Trigger receives a signal (text message) from the owner’s cellphone and triggers the gate to close. (available for purchase above)

5.  Mobile phone - placed inside the GameKeeper gate trigger box to receive your call or text to trigger the gate.

5.  Cell phone (yours) - Your everyday smartphone allows you to receive images of your friends in the pen from the on-site camera. By monitoring how full the pen is, wherever you are you can choose the optimum time to      close the gate. When ready, just send a text message from your phone or call and the gate closes.

6.  Deer feeder (optional) - Adding a deer feeder allows your friends to get more comfortable with the pen over a longer period of time without your intervention.  When seeking to trap a lot of friends at once, the deer            feeder can be a big help and saves a lot of travel time.

7.  Solar charger (optional) - The camera and the GameKeeper Gate Trigger both operate on battery power. By using an optional solar powered battery charger the owner does not need to worry about how much charge is        left in the batteries.  This is especially important if the owner is a long way from the trapping location.

The gate and the gate trigger may be purchased as a package deal for $900.00 at our retail store in Hallettsville, Texas.  Call us for more details at 866-307-1999.

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